Friday, August 1, 2008

While on Vacation. . . July 6

Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese's! Only with Uncle Corey and Auntie K! (We'd never be so fun on our own!)

Should we really be encouraging this kind of behavior?

Ruby was hilarious trying to do skiball. She'd give it her all, but the ball would just roll back--all her "oomph" didn't have enough force to even get it in the "gutter!" At first I thought it was great entertainment at a small price, but she ended up gettting discouraged and exhausted. I guess she knew enough that it was at least supposed to go away. . . not keep coming back to her.

Alright, so I guess Chuck E Cheese's is the exception to what I said here. This is the cleanest, most enjoyable restaurant play structure I've been in so far! It was even air conditioned!

Why won't this rotate? It's right on our computer. . . this is the 3rd attempt to upload a rotated one. I give up! Haley slept through most of the hoopla.

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