Friday, August 1, 2008

July 6 Hike

Okay, so someone had this idea to get some great family photos at a nearby waterfall and off we went with 6 children 3 and under--3 of them 6 months and under! Thank God we had Sandy to help us! The hike ended up being a half mile each direction, and our 3 oldest (Ruby-3, Gabe-2, Claire-2) walked (often running!) almost the entire way by themselves!

With Lita

The whole kit and caboodle! From top left: Casey, Claire, me, Ruby, Corey, Karen, Sandy, Gavin or Grant, Grant or Gavin (can you tell I'm still clueless on how to tell them apart in a picture?), Gabe and Haley.
The falls themselves--nothing compared to Multnomah, but WATER, nonetheless!

Grandma Sandy (Lita to our girls) with her 3 oldest grandchildren

Uncle Corey and Aunt Karen with their clan of G-boys!

This is a blurry pic of Ruby, but I'm so captured by the beauty surrounding us that day on our hike through the foresty forest! It really is so gorgeous in that part of Washington! But as rain is known to do, it not only makes things green, but attracts mosquitos. The forest was THICK with greenery AND mosquitos!

Here's how we did it: The 3 youngest in slings/baby carriers and the 3 oldest running from parent to Uncle or Aunt or Grandma. Great fun.

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