Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, we've actually done it! As of February 28th, we are officially out-of-towners. Casey surprised me late Thursday afternoon by showing up with a 26-foot Uhaul truck at our ABQ house. We were supposed to move over the weekend, small trailerful by trailerful, but instead of just beds and our overnight bags for Thursday's move, Casey loaded up the huge truck (with only a few minutes of help from me, our neighbor, and a friend) with almost all of our material belongings. He sent me ahead to put the girls to bed at the new house and showed up at 11 p.m. with our household of stuff.

Friday morning, I helped him unload the truck and we were able to return it by early that afternoon. Both of us were pretty beat by Sunday, but glad to have that hassle over with! Not exactly what we had originally planned, but it did the trick, and we're getting settled little by little! I had to let my abs rest for the first few days--I had really strained them with all the lifting, but I'm recovering quickly. I can pick up the girls again now. Casey's doing great; despite what a rigorous workout he put his body through last weekend, he has hardly been sore! Both girls did so well for the move. They just played wherever we were; occupied themselves with whatever was around and stayed cheerful and content for most of the time. God is so good!

The girls really love their "park." That's what they call the backyard/play structure. It occupies them for good chunks of time every day and I can keep an eye on them while in the kitchen, dining room and den area. What a treat for all of us! Pictures are coming soon--as soon as I can find the battery charger for my camera in order to download the pics. We are supremely happy with God's abundant provision for our needs!

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