Wednesday, November 17, 2010

U.S. Prematurity and Antibiotics (unrelated to one another)

Thanks to my news-surfing hubby:

Premature Births: U.S. gets a failing grade (New Mexico earns a D!)

This article has a link to the March of Dimes where you can see a map of the US and how all the States measure up.  Take a look.  I was surprised at how many states got an F.

Ear Infections and Antibiotics:

Good to know my kids’ pediatrician is ahead of the game here, by reserving antibiotics for when they are truly necessary (which has been once so far).

Here’s a bonus link about breastfeeding moms and sleep from a few days ago (courtesy of my local La Leche League!):

When Montgomery-Downs and her colleagues asked 80 new mothers to report how often they woke up and how rested they felt, and to wear sensors that measured how long and efficiently they slept, they found no significant differences between those who relied on breastfeeding, formula, or both. They report their findings in the journal Pediatrics.”