Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arizona (Almost) and a Little Hammer

Yesterday morning, hanging out at home, Casey said he wanted to go on a drive, so I hopped in the shower and we took off. About an hour into it, the girls contented and quiet, He turned to me and asked "Wanna go to Arizona?" I was taken by surprise, and immediately thought of all the reasons it was an absolutely impossible thing: we were "fish-sitting," we had no extra diapers, clothes, or toothbrushes, we'd left the air conditioning on in our house, Casey was supposed to read the Bible at Church tomorrow, and where exactly would we go, and where would we stay? For every reason I gave, he gave a solution. That was when I realized he had been completely serious, after we had already turned onto a road that would bring us back around; had I said "yes," he would've done it. I felt really badly that I'd killed his idea, and kept saying, "Well, then, let's go ahead and do it."

While stopping for lunch at a 50's diner, I said once again that we should do it. Casey said it wouldn't be spontaneous if we did it now--we'd been talking about it for over 1/2 an hour. I told him that it would still count as spontaneous, because we left home not planning on being gone overnight. He said, "Yeah, but it's a little overanalyzed now." What?!?! Me?!?! Overanalyze?!?!

So, we decided to come back home and I'd say yes next time he suggested such a ridiculous idea. I kept thinking how much more "doable" it is to be spontaneous when it's just the two of you. There aren't really the same concerns or difficulties to encounter when only adults are involved. A couple we know at church told us they had gone to AZ spontaneously this weekend, and she didn't even have shoes! That's spontaneous!

On the way home, Ruby got a headache. She told us her head hurt and that God was hammering in her head with a little hammer.