Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Blessings

I am officially 32 as of yesterday (barely). Casey and I celebrated at home (it was more relaxing than taking all 3 children on an outing) by renting a movie and having our "usual" (as in the one we usually order, not usual like we get it every day) Cold Stone treat: "Gotta Have It" cake batter ice cream with cookie dough in a chocolate-dipped, sprinkled waffle cup. Pretty decadent. We have a Cold Stone less than 5 minutes away, so our old tradition of going there one to two times a year has turned into 4 times since we moved here (averaging once-a-month--yikes!).

Anyway, my friend recommended Bella the other day, and I've really liked past recommendations from her, so we watched it tonight. It was very moving and well-done. Casey and I both liked it alot.

I meant to take a picture of us doing something today, but never got a chance.

This probably seems like a really lame birthday, but Casey let me run the errand to get the movie and ice cream, and that was a special treat to get out of the house and be by myself for a few minutes while he put the girls to bed. I guess when you get to this age (and are in this particular situation:) it doesn't take much to get a thrill!

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