Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mom of Twins Experiencing Prodromal Labor

So, I am a little late in posting this, but as of 8:12 this evening, there was no announcement on Natasha's blog that prodromal labor had culmanated into the birth of her twins, so I'm going to post this, thinking she is most likely still experiencing PL.

Read this post from last week and if you are inclined, encourage this mommy that she won't do this forever.  Prodromal labor has its challenges, and discouragement can be one of them.   Hopefully, someone who visits the post will not only encourage her, but her story will encourage a reader in the future that prodromal labor is not all for nothing.

I hope she updates when she gives birth, and I'll link from here.

*Updated to add: Natasha had her twins via c-section on the 17th!  Read here about "the twizzlers'" arrival and Natasha's coming to terms with a surgery she didn't want.


  1. Coming back to read this has me in tears (in a good way mind you.) While I still to this day wish that I could have had the natural vaginal birth that I wanted, I am ever so grateful for the six month old BUSY twins that I have today. Thank you SO MUCH for your support, I haven't forgotten you!

  2. Thank you for visiting again and commenting, Natasha! I am so honored that you'd visit after six months (how can the twizzlers be that old already?!?). I'm going over to your blog now to see what's the latest! I too, wish you could have had the natural birth you wanted. Maybe all that prodromal labor helped them be ready for the outside world even though they came out another way. I wonder.