Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Know, I Know. I'm Lame. . .

Mosey on over to my (Feb 5, 2012--edited to remove link.  I cannot in good conscience direct traffic to a site for a business that scams its participants) to read Tara's article about not "white-knuckling it" for a natural birth.  For ages now, I've meant to write a similar article here, but alas, I haven't done much writing at all lately (as is obvious, I know you know).  Since it will likely be another . . . while . . . before I do touch the subject of why women choose natural birth (or before I touch this blog altogether, possibly), I'll send you (edited) for a good read.

Who knows?  It just might catapult a woman who has never considered birthing naturally into looking into her options, getting informed about her choices, preparing her mind and body for the upcoming athletic event, and surrounding herself with great support.  And that wouldn't be half bad, now would it?  Go on.  Have a look see.

I felt terrible for un-linking to this great article, but as I remembered, several authors of articles on their site removed permission for the business to continue using them, so they don't even exist at that site anymore.  (Surprisingly, they actually complied, which is what they haven't done when it comes to eductors asking to be taken off their directory--it inflates the perceived value of the company).  If I find Tara has posted her article elsewhere, I will replace the link.