Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture Link for Starving Viewers

In Lieu of adding pictures to this blog (or until I start doing a better job of including pics in my posts), I'm adding this link for anyone who veiws the blog and finds it lacking, visually. There are some pictures of our family, but this is Casey's photography choice, so you will find pictures of other things besides people. (People are not his favorite subject matter for photography, much to my chagrin!) Actually, a few of the pictures are kinda random, but may be refreshing compared with what this blog currently offers. Ones who appreciate artsy stuff may enjoy some of his "non-people" pictures. I don't think I'm biased when I say that Casey has a good eye for photography. Visit the site and tell me if I'm imagining it!

Oh, and Haley is exactly one month old today. We have yet to take one-month pics and the day's almost over. I just realized we haven't done her footprints yet, either. Need to get to that before her long feet are even longer!

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