Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Outing for the Brave (or Insane)

The girls and I went to Mom's Group (that's not what it is, but that's what we call it) this morning, then got lunch at Burger King (shh . . . don't tell the health nuts). Ruby and Claire played for 20 minutes in the nasty play structure (am I alone in totally grosing out about fast food play structures? Does anyone else find themselves having to not think too much about it in order to not throw up and race out in sheer terror? I have NEVER seen a play structure that was even moderately clean. Of course, the reason I am so very disgusted is because when Ruby was little I'd go in with her, and I've been in a few times with Claire, so I see up close and personal just how vile things are in there. You moms who have never ventured into a structure: proceed with caution. Perhaps it is better for you to remain happily ignorant of their absolute state of horrificness. I am totally blown away by the parents who let their kids play BEFORE eating---and don't even make their kids WASH UP before eating their fries with their filthy fingers.) Okay, I'm done now. After our flirt with danger, we went to get the oil changed in the Pilot in preparation for our upcoming trip. Anyone with three little ones (or even one) knows that's pretty much asking for trouble to try to do that many things one after the other. We only had one fit by one child (when I announced it was time to leave BK). Otherwise, it was fairly smooth sailing. Of course, I'm glossing over the fact that it is truly a feat to get 3 children 3 and under safely in and out of a car (each time I add another child, I have to figure out the whole "getting in/out of the car safely" thing), thorough a parking lot, and through the doors to wherever we're going (two of the places had kind people who took mercy on us and got the door for us). Then there's the difficulty of a trip to the potty with all three kids, or getting drinks, food and children to the table, or, like happened with the oil change--the mechanic needed to show me something, so all 4 of us trapsed out there to look. It took several minutes to just get out there!

At Mom's group, the ladies are always getting on me to not pick up my chair (we stack them after we meet)--a whopping 10 pounds or so, when I almost always am sure to walk out 5 minutes later, carrying my (probably by now) 10 pound baby--in her car seat--AND the overstuffed diaper bag (with all the activities, diapers, cups, snacks and whatever toys the girls have left for me to carry) AND my purse, and perhaps a few incidentals under my arm, hanging from fingers, or piled onto the diaper bag. Even my toddler is at least twice as heavy as the chiar, and I find myself lifting her quite often. What of all THAT lifting I'm doing? It makes me laugh at such a light item as a chair. Does any mom actually accomplish the whole "six weeks without lifting anything heavier than the baby" business?

I found it interesting that in two conversations I had with other moms today, we had all three come to the same solution/conclusion for the difficulties we encounter, but for different reasons. All three of us find it is just best to stay home most of the time. One mother said it was just too much effort to get out of the house. By the time she gets herself and her children ready, hours have passed and she's exhausted. My sister-in-law (over the phone) mentioned that in order to keep her children on their nap, etc. schedules (she has a 2-year old and 6-month old twins), she ends up doing things like getting together with friends at home more than at other places. My difficulty has to do with the danger of being in a public place when a melt-down (a euphamism for an out-and-out fit of rage) by one of my toddlers happens in full-force without the chance of a quick escape. My girls are being quite challenging and I find it is best to stay home to deal with these shenanegans.

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