Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Time

Casey and I are trying many different ideas to quell the disturbing behavior of our two oldest children. Right now, we're on the "let's spend focused time with each of them" idea. Focused time in general has been helpful so far, but we thought it might be good to separate now and then and each of us take one of the girls to have special time with them individually.
Yesterday, the naughtiness reached new heights (?) and I was at the point of tears (again--I know, that doesn't mean much does it?) Casey called me back (after I called him at work to ask for ideas) and asked if I needed him to come home to help. I hemmed and hawed, because I didn't really need "help" physically--I was just losing it mentally and emotionally. I had already given up any idea of getting much done for the day, but just dealing with them, period, was proving more than I could handle emotionally. (I know, I sound like the biggest wimp, but that's how it is.) He said that's what he would come home for: to help keep me--and my poor girls--sane. Of course, I said yes. What a fabulous husband. He left 2 hours early from work (vacation time--and if you know my husband, you know that is a HUGE sacrifice. He does not like to take vacation time unless we are going on vacation!) and was home by 2 p.m. We had a great time as a family once the girls got up from their naps. My sanity returned soon after the phone call--just knowing the cavalry was coming. My hero!
Finger Painting for Great-Grandma Ruby.
Everything's better now that Daddy's home!
Candy Land on Wednesday.This is to show that I was involved, too. Ruby was the photographer--hence, Daddy's cut off head.
This is to show Haley's involvement.

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