Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eleven Postpartum Things I Thank God For

June 2, 2008. 11 days old

A fabulous mother-in-law and mom who postponed my introduction to reality for 3 weeks combined

My cuddley, sweet-smelling baby all nestled on my chest. (She eats, sleeps and is healthy and growing)

Two precious toddlers who give me numerous opportunities to work on my temper and to apologize when I fail—always forgiving

My hubby—a hands-on parent—jumping into our evenings after getting home from a long day at work

Generous friends and near strangers who brought dinner for those first 2 weeks

Sleeping on my tummy

Sleeping on my back

Climbing the stairs—for the first time since moving to our new house—without getting a contraction as a result. I looked forward to the day for almost three months!

No more contractions, period!

(Speaking of period) not having one; AND not being prego

Kegel exercises

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