Thursday, June 12, 2008

On My Own (Preview)

Mom left at 10 this morning. Aside from a few hours the other week, this is my first day on my own. Except it is not really on my own, since Mom got up with the girls and let me sleep in one more time and put dinner together before she left. All I had to do was put it in the oven. What a great Mom! The house is picked up and clean, and all dishes were done, so we're starting off ahead. Let's see how long the house stays this way.

Ruby and Claire are both going through adjustments with the new addition. They really love Haley, but they are challenging and difficult throughout the day. Ruby is on one minute and off the next with her attitudes, but Claire is pretty consistently grumpy and obstinate. And I really have to keep a keen eye on Haley with both girls, since they are young enough that they don't realize what is okay to do or not to do with her. This morning, they were hugging (after one got in trouble for hitting the other and needed to apologize) and fell on her. I was near enough to slightly break their fall, but they still kinda landed on her. I have to work hard to protect her, and it really cuts down on doing much else when I need to keep her out of their reach or at least in my sight. I end up holding her alot. How ironic for a thrid child! (I find I get more and more tender-hearted about the whole holding and comforting thing as each child comes along. Not usual with subsequent children, but crying breaks my heart way more with Haley than it did with Ruby.)

So, how did our first day go? We said goodbye to Nana, had a mid-morning snack and took a nap--all four of us. Claire in her bed, Ruby, Haley and I in mine. I got dressed around 2 p.m. and we had a light lunch (so we'd be hungry for dinner when Daddy got home) and we made a thank-you note and colored pictures for Nana (and had numerous discipline and training opportunities) and the girls played on the back porch for a bit. I actually remembered to put dinner in the oven on time and Casey made it home around 5:15. We ate and Casey put Claire to bed (already a basketcase by then) and I did a few dishes and folded some laundry. Ruby, Haley and I went for a short walk while Casey got on a conference call with the side business he's doing (yes, another side job. It will always be something:). I put Ruby to bed and spent the evening marathon-nursing Haley (she's 3 weeks old--growth spurt?) and playing x-box. Yeah, I know. There are numerous other things I should have been doing. I'd really love to have blogged then, but I find I can't really type while I nurse (I'm amazed at the things I can do--or at least find myself doing, like walking around, tending to the other girls, disciplining, getting things for them, etc.), and I was pretty tired again by tonight anyway.

12:15 and time for bed.

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