Friday, June 6, 2008

Babies, Barf and Blow-Outs

Haley is 2 weeks today. We've just been hanging out at home most of the time. Sandy (MIL) left last Friday night and my mom came in on Sunday night. We've also been getting dinners brought to us these two weeks, so I haven't had almost any sense of reality since Haley was born. I had a slight dose of it (reality) last Friday evening after taking Sandy to the airport. Casey wasn't going to be home till later that night. We weren't in the door 5 minutes before all three girls had, shall we say, "blow outs." I've heard that women who live together will synchronize on their cycles. Could my girls be synchronizing on bodily functions?

So, the update on our 3rd daughter is that she is a real sleeper and an eater and spits up more than my other two did. She had her initial well-check with Dr. Tom today and weighed in at 8 lb. 8 oz. Of course, she had a blowout right there in the room while we waited. (The only TRUE blowout she's had so far--not bad for being 2 weeks old--I blame Huggies. Never have had good experiences w/ those diapers--always leaking out the legs w/my girls. This wasn't just a leak, though. Serious business.) Good thing they needed her clothes off anyway, because she remained sans clothing until we returned home 2 hours later.

Ruby and Claire ask several times a day if they may hold "she." They really love Haley, but life has been slightly disrupted for them. It doesn't help that Claire is teething. She has not gotten ONE tooth without throwing up at least once before it comes in, and, though I see no evidence of 2-yr molars, she is teething for sure, evidenced by various bouts of vomiting this past week.

We actually made it to church on Sunday: just in time to rush in and get a seat. As the opening prayer began, Claire (sitting on my lap) let loose and puked all over Casey and me and herself. We cleaned up with baby blankets and baby wipes and got out of there before the prayer was over. Poor Claire kept saying "I sawy." "I sawy." We laughed all the way home about how ironic it was that we made it on time to church with a newborn, only to leave minutes later for something totally unrelated to Haley or me. I wonder what people must've thought when we were there one minute and gone the next. We can move pretty fast for a family of five!

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