Monday, July 14, 2008

We Now Interrupt Our Scheduled Vacation Update Posts. . .

To wish Claire a happy second birthday! It's hard to believe this happened two years ago. (And, as it happened that I posted that story exactly one year after the fact, today is also this blog's first anniversary!)

Now that she's two, we are officially breaking Claire of the pacifier. I'll update as more time goes by, but I'm surprised at how easy it's been so far. I had really built it up in my mind to be a gruelling ordeal for all of us.

A Glow Worm: her inducement for giving up her pacifier.

This is where Ruby tells her that she needs to share her new "baby."

And an update on Haley. She had her six week check today, even though she's older. (Blame a trip, then a sick toddler for the un-timliness.) I took this pic yesterday to ask Barb if I should be concerned about her hyper-extended neck. Aparently, she just likes it that way. Haley weighs in at 11 lb, 5 oz. and seems to be developing thrush. Not entirely sure yet.