Thursday, March 13, 2008

Could This be the Startings of an Actual Blog?

I've been meaning to use my blog at the very least as a recorder of interesting/funny things that my children say or that I find myself saying to them. Yesterday, Ruby said something that tickled me and today she said something else, so I've decided now is the time to begin recording such things!

Yesterday, I was working on the computer, my 20-month-old in my lap ("helping" me), and Ruby decided she was left out, and asked if she could sit in my lap as well. After an affirmative answer, she came over and walked from one side of me to the other, finally expressing "I think you need to put Claire down. You don't have any legs left." She's right. I'm quickly running out of "lap," even though I have a whole 10 weeks to go before I'm through growing larger, and at this rate, I'm sure to lose whatever little lap I have now.

At 29 weeks along, I saw my midwife on Mon. for the first time since Jan. We're now to every-two-weeks appointments. At this moment, I have already gained more weight in this pregnancy than I did by the end of Ruby's or Claire's. And I probably have 10 weeks left. Yikes. Especially since I'm supposed to be gaining about 1 pound a week now. Barb is very encouraging. She assures me it has to mostly be baby (Casey says, "That's an awfully big baby!") and that whatever fat I store up will be good "brown fat" reserves for more energy in labor. How sweet. And I truly hope she's right.

So, Ruby has been sitting on her legs on the couch for the last few minutes. She came over to sit in my lap and asked me "Why is my foot so spicy?" I'm pretty sure what she means is that her foot is asleep. It makes me smile how little ones describe things. And I can see how it feels "spicy."

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