Thursday, May 22, 2008

Could This Be It?

At 4:30 this morning, I awakened to a strong contraction and went to empty my bladder. A few minutes later, another one came, just as strong (sometimes my full bladder can make them feel more intense, so I expected a trip to the toilet to take care of the discomfort). Then a few minutes later, another intense one came. These required my attention and concentration to breathe, stay relaxed and not tense up. I woke Casey to tell him I had just had 3 very strong contractions in the last 15-20 min. and got up to get a snack, as I felt pretty nauseated. I decided to time contractions while eating.
So far, they’ve been 8-13 minutes apart and really intense. I’m glad it’s morning, because I’ll be able to call Barb soon without worrying about waking her for no good reason. Casey will probably stay home a few hours at least until we know what’s going on and if this is labor, and if it is progressing fast enough to warrant not going into work at all. I just remembered I need to take some herbs for my GBS (yes, no surprise, I’m positive yet again). Will update in a few hours if it is not labor, and if so, the next post may be a birth announcement!
For now, it’s herbs and back to sleep. Pray for me!

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