Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's a Boy!

My sister's husband called in the middle of the night to say that my sister had the baby around 11:40 p.m! All I know so far (I was a little out-of-it when he called) is that his name is Caiden Alexander and he weighed 7 lb. 11 oz. and is 20 inches long. I hear through the grapevine that she only pushed 15 min. (5 pushes!) and he was out! I'm jealous! What a "textbook Bradley" birth! (Things Bradley almost touts as to be expected if you do it their way! I imagine the Bradley website would love to post her birth story. This exact kind of story is why I took Bradley in the first place!) I'm so proud of her/them. They are so excited (and tired)!

This very much leads me down a mental path I'm already on called: "The longer you wait to go to the hospital, the less time they have to mess with you and derail your birth." I've been told this, and am a pretty firm believer in it by now. One common theme among many of the people I know who acheived their goal of unmedicated birth (in the hospital) is a short stint in the hospital while laboring (anywhere from a few minutes to 6 hours or so). Of course, there are exceptions on either end, but in general, this is what you can expect: the longer you labor in the hospital, the more interventions you'll have.

I really cannot express how excited I was to hear that her experience was a good one (as far as I know--can't wait to hear every detail she wants to tell me!). I really never know what to expect when someone I know gives birth. This was such good and relieving news to me! Congratulations, you two!

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