Friday, March 28, 2008

My Baby Sister's Having a Baby!

My littlest sister (8 years my junior) is having her baby very soon! Her husband called at 9:30 to say they were heading to the hospital--she was in labor. I left a message letting him know that whenever she did have the baby, we'd be one of the ones who wouldn't care what time of day or night they called, and he called back saying that he was getting the stuff from the car. She had been admitted and was 7 cm! She's been laboring all day at home (I'm impressed)! How much more fun is it to get to the hospital and be shocked that you're so far along, instead of shocked that you're only 2 cm? Anyway, he said she's coping well w/the obviously strong contractions and hasn't mentioned wanting/needing meds. So far, so good. I hope for her sake that the next few cm are not slow-going. Hubby's totally excited and encouraging; comfortable w/the birthing process and tackling his role in it. Surely that is a help even when a woman experiences really strong contractions. I'm proud of them. Don't know if I can sleep tonight--so excited. Wonder if it's a boy or girl. Casey says girl (just because it bothers Brett to say that).

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