Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If I Were Truly "On" Face Book, I'd "Like" This

Sarah, from here, said this:

Many people are vaguely aware that "too many cesareans are being done," but they are unaware of the cause-and-effect that lead to preventable cesareans and other interventions. I know this because almost every woman who has had a cesarean, thinks that *her* cesarean was necessary/life-saving/not preventable. Statistically, over half a million preventable cesareans are performed annually in the US, so SOMEBODY'S cesarean was preventable.

(Contented sigh as I revel in reading the thoughts of others that validate my own.  Someone else said it.  I can't be that crazy. :)

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  1. Thanks so much for quoting me! I'm honored!

    My midwife coordinates Homebirth Meetups (which are larger than that--not just for homebirthers--really for anyone interested in normal birth). I get my "fix" of validation when I'm surrounded by midwives, doulas, new moms, homebirthers, and birth advocates once a month at these meetings. It reminds me that our struggle is worth it. Fighting for normal birth is worth it.

    My midwife once reminded me that the research will always be behind us. Don't forget that when you're surrounded by the American Average. Look at the research--it backs physiological birth!